Saturday, February 11, 2012

Secadora Seahorse

This is for Electric Keychain's "Mustachioed Machina." We had to illustrate: "Objects turned into living things, with moustaches."

I love projects where I can grab unrelated objects and join them to form a cohesive shape.

At first this project seemed too easy. I could've drawn anything and just slapped a moustache on it. "Heeey! It's a computer! But it has a moustache! Ha-ha! ...."  But I didn't want to just stop there because that's too easy. So I went through a mental list of everyday objects that I see and/or use around the house, and of what else do they resemble. Eventually I figured that a hair dryer with a diffuser looks kind of like a seahorse's head, and then I just took it from there.

This was a nice goofy break from the seriousness of the last project.

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