Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween at The Electric Keychain

I am so excited to announce my new project, The Electric Keychain! We are a group of illustrators who want to create art together. For our Halloween launch date, we made costumed self-portraits. You will periodically find new work from us. We are also open to work from contributors, so, you'll also find work by many more artists!

We also have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account @Electric_Key. Tweets by Sherbert the shocked sheep.

I absolutely wanted to include a book in my portrait and after a wonderful suggestion from Jackie, figured a witch hat would fit right in. Witches have spell books, right?

To follow the keychain theme, we also made it optional to have a key in the portrait and I definitely wanted one.

While working on this piece, I suddenly became very excited about the project since I only had the opportunity to celebrate Halloween about 3 times in my life back in Costa Rica, the last time being 2nd grade. After 2nd grade, there was a sudden, country-wide rejection of Halloween and people just sort of stopped dressing up and widely giving out candy. Since then, I sorely missed Halloween but working on this project felt like celebrating it in spirit. Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ilógica - Illogical

Illustrating on a theme.

A friend pointed out the center of the chandelier looks like an almond.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Discovery of Pluto

This illu is based on an article about the history behind the discovery of Pluto. Basically Pluto was discovered pretty much on a whim and by sheer luck, just like pin-pointing any one of those white dots and suddenly realizing, heeey it's a new planet in the Solar System! Hence why the telescope isn't focusing on anything specific.

 Sometimes I think if I were good at math and hadn't wanted to be an artist I would've wanted to be an astronomer.