Saturday, April 9, 2011

SCAD Libraries Bee Bookmark!

I was quite happy to find out that SCAD's library was once again having a bookmark contest. I missed out on the last one but now I got my chance and I won 3rd place!

It had to be SCAD library-themed, so I decided bees would be perfect for this since Art The Bee is our mascot and honeycombs make ideal bookshelves for bees, yes?

The most interesting part of this project for me is that I always think: if I were to see X illustration in X media, what would -I- love to see? Just like when I put the cat over the ISBN bar on my Elegance of the Hedgehog illustration. But this time around, I had absolutely no idea of what I would LOVE to see on a bookmark. Even though I'm a huge bookworm, I just use plain pieces of paper as bookmarks. And then when looking for inspiration, the nicer bookmarks were all aimed at playing more with the actual shape of the bookmark rather than the art on it.

Basically, there's usually a) bookmarks with just art on them or b) interestingly shaped bookmarks with little to no art on them. So, I figured that the combination of illustration AND shape would make for a great bookmark.

Therefore, I designed my bookmark to allow for both of these assets. It can be easily cut into a hexagonal outline if I ever decide to print it myself (which I really want to do.) Even if I had won the contest, they wouldn't have made a die-cut print but I still wanted to have it as an option.

And finally, I was REALLY going for a cute bee since the Art the bee that we usually see is a fierce-looking one (which is fine since this is usually the athletics logo.)

(logo ©SCAD, shown here solely for illustrative purposes)

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