Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drawchange Brochure & Guest Blog

A while ago I got in contact with the super friendly Jennie Lobato of drawchange. They are a non-profit organization aimed at giving art supplies to children of low resources in order to show them that they can express themselves through art and therefore visualize a better life for themselves. 

When visiting their website I had a pleasant surprise: they've helped children in Costa Rica! (I KNEW it as soon as I saw those two smiling girls on the homepage, it takes skill and years of observation but I think I can now spot a Costa Rican when I see one haha.)

They asked me to make an "About Us" brochure to educate people about their organization. Here's the outside:

Here's the inside:

The idea was to have it nice and playful but still serious enough for a brochure.

I also had the pleasure of being their guest blogger this week! I shared a cute story from when I painted the mural at the nursery in CR. You can see my guest post here.

For more information on this great organization please visit their website! (And maybe even contribute to a great cause!)